What IV Drip Bars can do for your well being.

IV Drip/Infusion

With a drip session or IV infusion, of the many names used for these kick back with a big bag of vitamin paloozas, you’ll typically be treated to 1 liter of your select vitamins in the comfort of a relaxing seat with a needle in one of your arms juiciest veins pumping awesome drugs into your bloodstream. 

What it isn’t
A super elixir bestowed to you from the great deities of Hawaii to grant you eternal life.

What it is
Technically I would like to call it a form of  metabolic shock therapy. For lack of a better term. The infusion provides the body with more vitamins than you could normally ingest at one time in hopes that with the abundance of nutritional substance you may be able to spark a change in how your body deals with the nutrients you usually intake. Kind of like a vaccine right? I think so. 

Is it effective? My honest opinion is yes. After my second IV drip, I can say that I felt rejuvenated 2 out of 2 times. There are certainly mixed reviews on the notion of pumping high amounts of vitamins into your body. After all, the body is constantly seeking a balance in the realm of homeostasis and shall find the nearest exit for any surplus that it is not fit to handle. However, many X-factors are tough to pinpoint and measure based on the regularity of function. The body is also known to become highly intelligent and take advantage of these X-factors.

This leads me to my unbiased answer. In terms of effectiveness, the lasting results of a mixed IV drip depend on a few variables. Firstly, what is being injected into your system? Secondly, what can you do to prepare, or what can you do to follow up, to ensure maximum absorption in metabolizing these nutrients so that the bulk is not simply running through you. 

Here are a few steps you can take to avoid being disappointed. Or even worse, not reaping the full benefits of your hard earned well spent dollar. Identify the symptoms that you want to fix and understand your biological stand point. Are you vitamin deficient? Is your immune system weakened? Are you a victim of constant dehydration? Or do you simply want to boost your workout performance and further enhance your gym warrior status? If you have any conditions that would limit the hearts ability to mix and sort this vast amount of nutrients then perhaps it would be best to consult with your physician first. 

Once you have identified the symptoms you want to alleviate, you will need to select the best batch of vitamins available at your local health support center or clinic. Be sure to give them a call! Ask questions and get familiar with their process and make an educated decision on which bag of goodies you’d like to work with.

Exercise regularly
Regular exercise forces oxygenation and automatically improves your health and encourages healthy cellular activity, and everything in the body is made up of cells. 

Take natural supplements
We are made of this! Gifts from the stars that brought even the fossil fuels, and are readily available at your disposal via Amazon Prime. But seriously, some of the newer stuff out there is proven to have major results in telomere and DNA health. In short, these are the factors of making healthy cells and how effective and active your cells are. I’m a fan of spirulina, blue-green algae, and daily shakes with the focus of gut and heart health among other benefits.

Keep a positive outlook
Placebo placebo placebo. I like to say that it is proof that miracles may not be so miraculous. Negativity is akin to depression. And a depressed brain, like a depressed worker, is not going to be very effective in making things happen. If you decide to give the IV infusion a try then great! That is great for you, and it is certainly a step towards the change that you seek. 

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